If you are not an Orca Health customer and are interested in using this service for your patients, please fill out this form - Orca Health - COVID Outreach

Existing Orca Health customers have immediate access through your account. Look for the COVID-19 Care Plan template to begin sending to your patients. (see how to view in the Orca Care app below)

Next Steps:

  • Once you have filled out the form, your Orca Health account is created and you should receive shortly a confirmation email directing you to complete account creation.
  • You may allow support staff (PA, MA, Extenders, etc.) access to your account to help distribute the COVID-19 Care Plans and respond to potential patient risk. If you do so, please keep your account credentials as confidential as possible.
  • Your patients will receive their COVID-19 Care Plans and information notifications via their email and create their own HIPAA-Secure account.
  • The COVID Health Assessment Survey (CVDHA) will be automatically sent immediately and then resent at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 weeks for continued risk assessment.
  • Upload a CSV of patient emails and send the COVID-19 Care Plan and Health Assessment Survey by logging in at OrcaHealth.com with your confirmed account.

Should you have any difficulties at all, please contact us at support@orcahealth.com.

Examples of COVID-19 Care Plan for patients

How to view in the Orca Care app

Open the Care Plan Template screen in any section of anatomy. Click the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) template

Click Send to Patient in the top right corner, then Preview Care Plan Tour at the bottom of the modal.

Now you can click through a preview of what your patients will see in the app or on the web when you send them the Care Plan.

Once you close the preview, send the Care Plan to your patient by clicking Send to Patient

Contact us, support@orcahealth, if you would like assistance sending the  COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Care Plan in bulk.


View steps above for more guidance.

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