How to view Orca Care Reputation Enhancement analytics via the Orca Web Portal

Step 1

Sign into the Orca Health Web Portal.

Step 2

Select Dashboard on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 3

Select the Reputation Enhancement button in the upper portion of the screen. 

Step 4

Under Send Review Invitations you are able to send review invites to both new and existing patients. 

Step 5

Under Review Sites you are able to see which review sites you are directing patients too and the NPS threshold required to direct them there.

Under Review Invites Monthly Goal you are able to see how many review invites you have sent this month and how close you are to your goal. 

Step 6

Under the Completion Rate it shows you how many patients have responded to the NPS question in the past month. 

Under the Redirected to Review Sites it shows how many positive patients were redirected to your review sites.

Under Net Promoter Score it shows what your overall NPS score is.

Step 7

Under Month to Month Performance it shows a graph of Review Invites sent,  Review Invites Responded to and how many of those were Redirected to Review Sites.

Step 8
On the right-hand side, under Patient Feedback, it shows a live feed of patients responses to the NPS question. If they leave feedback, you will be able to read it there. Also, you can respond to an individual patient by selecting Respond.

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