How to send a Care Plan to a new patient using the Orca Web portal.

Step 1

Select Care Plan Delivery on left-hand side of the screen.

Step 2

At the prompt What would you like to send? (select one) select Care Plan.

To send to:
Single Patient - go to Step 3
Upload CSV - go to Step 4
Multi-Patient - go to Step 5

Step 3

Enter the New Patient information. The only thing that is required is the patient's email address. Once you have entered the patient's information select Customize & Deliver.

Go to Step 6

Step 4

Click the Upload CSV button as seen below.

Then follow instructions to either browse your computer for the CSV file or drag and drop it on the window shown. . Once you have attached the CSV select Next.

Go to Step 6

Step 5

Click the Enter Emails button as seen below.

Then type or copy and paste the emails separated by spaces or commas. Once you have entered the patient's information select Next.

Step 6

On the Care Plan Details page, verify that the list of Selected Patients is accurate.

Then select the Content Category drop down menu to find the anatomical region you are interested in. Simply click the name of the anatomical region you need.

Step 7

Under Care Plan Template use the search bar or drop down menu to find the template by name or diagnosis and treatment you are looking for. Select the template that best fits the patient. 

Step 8

After selecting the Care Plan Template, you will notice that some of the remaining fields auto-populate. You can add and subtract any information to the remaining fields by either clicking Add next to the field you would like to add to or the X on the right side of the included information.

Step 9

Click the checkbox if Consent has been given by the patient listed to receive incoming communication. This is required in order to send the care Plan.

Step 10

Lastly, at the bottom of the page, click Send Care Plan to deliver the Care Plan to the patient(s). 

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