How to send a Care Plan to a new patient using the Orca Care app on the iPad.

Step 1

Sign into the Orca Care app.

Step 2

Select the New Care Plan button.

Step 3

Using the list of filters on the left-hand side of the screen find the diagnosis you would like to select. 

In this example, we select ACL Tear. After selecting ACL Tear a list of treatment options will appear.  In this example, we selected ACL Reconstuction (Patella).

Step 4

After completing your Care Plan, in the upper right-hand corner, select Send To Patient when you are ready.

Step 5

In the upper right-hand corner select New Patient.

Step 6

The only thing required on the Care Plan Summary page is the patient's email address. On the Care Plan Summary screen, you can review your Care Plan and add any Surveys that you would like to enroll for the patient. When you are ready to send the Care Plan, select Send to Patient.

Step 7

Lastly verify the diagnosis, treatment, and email and hit Yes to send the Care Plan to the patient. 

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